Welcome to Kapunda Primary School’s Website.

Kapunda Primary School provides a unique learning community with the features of a country school – a community that strongly identifies with and supports the school. We have very committed staff who are passionate about supporting student growth physically, socially, emotionally and academically.

The school is growing and is currently around 340 students, however it is still small enough for people to know each other and large enough to provide a range of social opportunities.

The culture at the school involves a team approach to educating and supporting all children. We intentionally work at a positive approach and see challenges as opportunities for improvement.

Underpinning our work at Kapunda is our agreed Purpose Statement “ To provide a safe and diverse learning environment in which to educate and empower children to be successful in the community and in the future.” Aligned to our Purpose Statement are the agreed school values of Respect, Effort, Honesty and Cooperation.

The classroom programmes are developed from the Australian Curriculum and reflect an approach that caters for a spread of learning needs. We have programmes and strategies for supporting students with particular learning needs as well as ensuring we challenge and extend students. Teaching and learning programmes focus on developing a depth of skill and understanding at each student’s level. The development of learning skills and knowledge are fundamental in all our work. Staff also recognise the importance of supporting student well-being, developing positive behaviours’ and having a healthy approach to life. We believe positive relationships are essential to quality teaching and learning and that parent involvement strengthens our programme and student outcomes.

Our school community has been active in developing well-presented and purposeful facilities that assist in creating an effective learning environment.

The school is well resourced and works towards ensuring students are matched with resources needed to equip them for their future.

I feel very privileged being the Principal at Kapunda Primary. I thoroughly enjoy working with the students, staff and parents. I truly value the role the school plays in supporting parents to educate and nurture our future global citizens. The students are the center of our school, the reason for our purpose and the challenge which excites us all.

Principal, Kapunda Primary School.